A richness

Merem’s teams are made up of men and women who are totally committed and passionate about their mission. The generational mix and the diversity of the teams are a real bridge for the transmission of the DNA and know-how of the company and its transformation. Deep tech diving is at the service of all our partners and fuels our constantly evolving corporate culture.

Investing in

We work closely with the schools. We invest in training. Merem’s employer brand is becoming more dense and richer every day thanks to a societal vision that is at the heart of our strategy.

Parity Pact
French Tech

Women are in the majority in the company in all functions and responsibilities. Merem is a signatory of the French Tech Parity Pact and works to promote access and careers for women in the industrial and technological sectors.



If the electronic components come from other continents, Merem does everything possible to limit its carbon impact. All our products are made in France for Europe. The opening of our activity in North America aims at accompanying our customers in a manufacturing process as close as possible to their final destination.

The industrial environment of our region allows us to respond to all requests through local collaborations. Merem is also a signatory of the Charter for responsible supplier relations and purchasing. Immersive technologies allow us to maintain proximity and quality relationships with our partners while significantly reducing travel.

Our electronic factory is equipped with photovoltaic panels aiming at an autonomy higher than 30%.

We are switching to soft mobility with investments in a fleet of electric vehicles and open charging stations.

We purchase recycled furniture to reduce our carbon footprint.

ESG indicators are monitored to measure the effects of our actions. An EcoVadis rating is currently underway. This approach allows us to monitor our sustainability efforts for our teams, our partners and civil society.

Management and responsibilities are shared between men and women. We still need to strengthen the balance between the Management Committee and the Strategic Committee.

The shareholders are committed to all the teams to ensure responsible and sustainable development and growth.

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