Within the production division, you will report to the site manager. Your missions on this position will be to install, control, maintain, adjust, clean and repair the installations and machines for which you will be responsible.
You will be required to check them regularly to ensure that they are working properly, to prevent possible incidents, and to implement compliance standards (quality, safety, environment).
Finally, you will have to intervene quickly in case of breakdown, in order to establish a diagnosis, which will lead you to change the defective parts or to repair them.

Within the product division, you will report to the workshop manager. You are in charge of analyzing customer needs and writing test procedures for operators. You will implement the appropriate test means (programming of test machines in production, test benches) to control the products being developed at key stages of the manufacturing process.
If necessary, you look for the causes and troubleshoot the boards from production (reading electrical diagrams, soldering).
You are a driving force to improve the processes within your perimeter.

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